We provide homeowners a no risk home makeover that results in a faster and more profitable sale. All while investing nothing out of pocket.

Don’t let investors take the profit that could have been yours. By choosing us BEFORE you sell we give homeowners all the tools investors use.

The simplest way to manage projects out there

How The Process Works

Set Budget / First Appraisal

We work with the homeowner on a budget and scope of work. Then we get the house appraised as a baseline of value.

Remodel 10-21 Days

All construction and landscaping starts and finishes. Daily video updates and Before and after pictures are sent to the house sellers.

Last Appraisal

To determine the increase in value, we do a second appraisal. If the house appraises less than what was invested, we’ll refund the difference.

Light Remodel

With light remodels, we aim at improving aesthetics. Primarily Carpet, Paint and Curb Appeal.

The goal of this would be to get the property sold faster, with less return on investment.


3-10 Day Lending Approval
7-10 Days On-Site Construction

Total: 10-20 Days

Full Remodel

With a full remodel, we take the property out of the “Fixer Upper” category and into the retail space.

This means a lot more potential buyers, a stronger negotiation position and a higher sales price.


3-10 Day Lending Approval
14-21 Days On-Site Construction

Total: 17-31 Days

Hold on it get’s even better, because there is NO risk!

Nothing Out of Pocket

  • Customer financing – Allows us to get started with the work.
  • No Payments for the first three months.

-Hire us now-

-Pay AFTER you sell-


Value Guarantee

If the value of the property doesn’t go up AT LEAST what we charge, we’ll refund the homeowner the difference.

TWO  appraisals are done. One before the work and one after.

This isn’t a requirement, but this is how we can provide homeowners with that no risk guarantee.


Moving Assistance

  • Need help packing? We can help with that!
  • Are you moving locally? We can help you with that!
  • Do you need temporary storage before you make your big move? We can also help with that!

$2,500 of Handyman Labor

$1,500 Pre-Sale

Need to fix something before or after the inspection.
Anything not used here is forwarded to the post sale credit.

$1,000 Post-Sale

Does the buyer not like something about the house. They can fix it!
Something new to offer to the buyer.